Report on China Cultural Media Forum

 As the China representative of Let’s Go Malta Group, IME Consulting Co.Ltd work together with China Cultural Media Group and organize the China- Malta Cultural Media Forum on World Heritage Conservation and Development on Sept 19 and media report inspection will be held during Sept17-22.

Recently, Mr. Michael Zammit-tabona, the Chairman of Let’s Go Malt Group and Mr. Andre Farrugia , the general manager of Let’s Go Malt Group came to Beijing and had a visit to China Cultural Media Group and had a meeting with President Liu Cheng Xuan, as well as CCTV, BTV, China Daily , China Culture Newspaper reporters and special program hosts as well as film investors from China Film Financial Club.

Both side had a good time to know each company and went all the details on the forum concept and topics as well as speakers. With the sincere support from each party and country government, we foresee the forum in Malta will be a successful one.

Introduction of China- Malta Cultural Media Forum on World Heritage Conservation and Development

In order to strengthen cultural exchanges and cooperation between China and Malta, in particular to strengthen the exchange of ideas and dialogue, “Mind Intercommunication Dialogue” will be held on September 19, 2014 in Valletta, the capital of Malta, with the support of Malta Ministry of Tourism and organized by both the Ministry of Tourism, Malta and Chinese Culture Media Group Limited. The theme of the Dialogue is the World Heritage conservation and development. By the invitation of the Ministry of Tourism of Malta, Chinese Culture Media Group which is under the direct leadership of the Ministry of Chinese Culture will bring about 20 to 30 senior Chinese mainstream media reporters, photographers and television reporters, cultural scholars to Malta to attend the Dialogue. And after the Dialogue, a seven days site inspection of in-depth coverage, thematic television filming, shooting photographs, writing by senior reporters for Malta sentiment experience, on its historical and cultural introduction, experience and practice of the conservation and development of its World Heritage.

As Malta located in the Western Hemisphere, it is the window of Commonwealth countries in Europe. With the unique history and culture, it has a long history of friendly and cooperative relations with China and it has important strategic significance for China at the very potential of cultural cooperation, particularly tourism on cultural exchange and cultural industry. There is a great potential for both countries on trading and economic cooperation. After China has been a deepening economic reform, the relationship between the two countries has ushered into win-win cooperation. Deep mutual trusts between the two countries in the political sphere expanded the economic and trade cooperation, strengthen the cultural exchanges. Communication and understanding between the peoples of the two countries are highly requested.

Main activities:

1) China and Malta Culture Media Forum

The theme of the Dialogue: The World Heritage Conservation and Development.

2) Chinese media Malta coverage report

Supported by: China Ministry of Culture

Main Host:  Malta Ministry of TourismChina Culture Media Group LimitedMalta and China Culture Center       

Organizer:  China Foreign Culture Communication Center Of China Culture Media GroupIME Consulting Co., Ltd.Let's Go Malta Tourism Group 

The event will be organized through the perspective of culture media and create an innovative environment of cultural exchange between China and Malta, through the media, human perspective to show the Chinese more exciting Malta, specially with more in-depth introduction to the Chinese on Malta experience of Cultural Heritage Protection and Development. Chinese media elite and Malta media elite will have a face to face communication and discussion to play culture media responsibilities and obligations of both countries in cultural transmission, thus promoting the tourism on cultural and business exchanges between the two countries.




The Festival Report

IME Consulting Co., Ltd has the honnor to win the bidding with Innovision London and will be the project manager for logistic work for THE GREAT FESTIVAL OF CREATIVITY in Hong Kong and Shanghai. It is not the first time for IME professionals to do the festival event management. IME professionals are the major player in the creative team and project management of Beijing New Year Down Counting Celebration inside Temple of Heave in 2011 with over 3000 people. We are very excited to be able to work with Innovision on such unique big projects in China. Please see bellow information on The GREAT Festival of Creativity

The GREAT Festival of Creativity aims to inspire, stimulate and fascinate. It does this by providing a platform for original thinking and fresh insights that are commercially relevant and can be actioned in businesses large or small.

The second of three GREAT Festivals, Hong Kong will offer an exclusive view of all that’s best in fashion, design, luxury, technology, education, food, drink and above all creativity.

Presented by the thought-leaders, subject experts and business individuals our invited audience will be offered a unique programme of intimate masterclasses, example-rich presentations, well-organised networking sessions and, above all, direct access to proven creative thinkers who drive their business forward with imagination, innovation and flair.

Hong Kong is a unique meeting place for East and West, blending Chinese heritage and high-tech modernity. Home to more than one hundred local create-preneurs and providing a stage for creative happenings, PMQ has been chosen as the venue for the GREAT Festival 2014. An important heritage site, located at the heart of central Hong Kong, PMQ serves as a platform for local and global collaboration and exchange.

Now a creative design hub, having undergone extensive restoration, the 1933 Shanghai has been chosen as the venue for the GREAT Festival. With its art deco style comprising concrete, glass and steel, this heritage building is a space where innovation, creativity and exploration will merge for the first of the GREAT Festivals in 2015.

The GREAT Festival of Creativity is a rare gathering of creative and commercial intelligence. A chance for you to meet people, who use their imagination to create more and better business across the world. Your chance to talk with them, exchange ideas, gain insights and develop contacts, that will help us all build a more successful future.





首届中国MICE论坛于2月28日在土耳其首都伊斯坦布尔的ACE MICE展览会上隆重召开,我公司总经理姚红女士代表中国会奖专业委员会,在伊斯坦布尔会奖局的协助下,在土耳其首届B2B会奖展会上举办了首届中国MICE论坛.


我公司的合作伙伴TAO欧洲之路公司常务董事,伟天石(Thorsten Wilhelm)先生也应邀参加了论坛并发了言,与中国客户丰富的往来经验和专业知识,伟总与大家分享了为中国MICE客户提供最佳服务的亲身经验。会上,中国会奖公司的代表,微软中国、NBA中国等重要的MICE业内人士一起在论坛上与大家交流市场信息、互通有无。超过100名资深MICE专业人士参与了此次论坛,中国会奖专业委员会将配合买家考察,会奖买家参展团等活动,将中国MICE论坛带到世界各地。




首届中国会奖论坛(China MICE Forum)在德国举办

五月,我公司总经理姚红以中国会奖专业委员会副秘书长的身份,率中国买家团参加了在德国法兰克福国际会议及奖励旅游展(IMEX),并与TAO共同策划并主办了首届中国会奖论坛(China MICE Forum),此次论坛为来自中国的会奖专业买家第一次在欧洲提供了直接与欧洲会奖产业从业者面对面交流的平台与契机。五十余名来自中国和欧洲各地的会奖专业人士参与了本次在绿地铂骊酒店举办的论坛。来自国内数家大型MICE企业,中国国旅会展公司、中青旅会展公司的负责人,来自微软,平安银行,观致汽车的企业买家讲演人,以及TAO欧洲之路的代表和德国会展局的官员都在会上做了精彩的发言。此次论坛也为中国与欧洲会展行业架设了良好的纽带与相互认识和交流的契机与平台。会间,Drum Café为来宾们带来了惊喜又精彩的打击乐演出。中国会奖论坛将成为每年法兰克福IMEX展上的常设活动。




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